NCSD Says No Need for Dress Code

K2's Ophelia Young reports,  

A dress code for faculty and staff in Rock Spring-area schools is now on hold.  K2 spoke to the Natrona County School District handles staff dress code here in town.  

They say their staff members dress professionally considering what activity they've planned with their students.  The school district says they trust their faculty's judgement and that they don't need a dress code to follow in order to dress appropriately.  

Though the NC School District doesn't see themselves following Sweetwater County School District Number 1's decision to implement a staff dress code, they understand how teachers might get too comfortable sometimes.  

But they also agree the professional attire of a teacher does play apart in education.  Overall, NCSD says a reminder to the inappropriately-donned, is an easy and efficient fix.  They believe their simple system preserves the respect and trust that exists between administrators and teachers. 

K2 called Sweetwater County School District Number One to ask them more about why they designed a dress code in the first place.  They said they were unavailable for comment.