Made in Mills

by Taylor Viydo, 
All of us have most likely seen the "Made in America" on ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer. However, at K2 we felt like taking it one step further by looking at a company that is creating great products right here in Wyoming. 
Some of you may be familiar with Westech, in Mills. But if not, hear and see their story of how their massive truck bodies ship all over the world. If you were to look, you would find Westech bodies at mines in places like Brazil, Zambia, and Mongolia. 
Those truck bodies, are all made in Mills.  

What's just as impressive as Westech's global footprint is their spot in the Guinness book of world records. 
That's right. Westech holds the record for the world's largest truck body by volume. It was not only made right here in Wyoming, but it's also used in Wyoming. Just this year, the record-breaking body was put to work at the North Antelope-Rochelle Mine in Campbell County.