November Teacher of the Month

by Taylor Viydo, 
For Michael Stedillie of Kelly Walsh High School, teaching theatre isn't just a job. It's a way of life. He has been teaching the art for 37 years, the 26 of which have been at Kelly Walsh. 
When not sharing his love for drama with his students, Stedillie can be found supporting local theatre. Chances are good you've probably seen him performing in a Casper College production or helping out with a Stage III performance. 
However, his 37 years in education cannot only be attributed to his love for the stage. "I get to come [to school] and do theatre every day with kids who love to do theatre." said Stedillie. "They love to do theatre because that is something that drives them." 
"I want to be on stage because I'm very passionate about it," said senior Meilani Roan. "You can let your imagination soar." 
Stedillie's students also recognize that for him, his job is a labor of love. "He cares more about us, than he does the money." said sophomore Alyssa Miller. "He says, 'I never do it for the money, but I do it for you guys.'" said Meilani Roan. 
Stedillie's one message for his students: "Theatre is real. We have a slogan: 'Kelly Walsh's no act!'"