Shepherd of the Valley Embezzlement Plea

The former Chief Financial Officer of the Shepherd of the Valley has pleaded guilty to embezzling thousands from the retirement home.  

The company ran into some financial trouble earlier this year; in fact they came close to filing for bankruptcy.  In a January audit, the company found out their 64-year-old CFO Perry Vandeventer was stealing from them. The Natrona County district attorney says Vandeventer embezzled about $52,000 from March of 2008 to January of this year.  Records reveal fraudulent reimbursements, phony receipts, and money taken for company use, such as construction projects and pizza parties, that were never seen.   

Vandeventer at first tried to justify the missing funds, but today pleaded guilty to defrauding the retirement home.  

The felony charge initially carried 10 years in prison. In exchange for Vandeventer's guilty plea, the district attorney says he will instead likely spend four to six years in the penitentiary.  Vandeventer now awaits sentencing.