Casper City Council Passes Gun Restriction

Tonight, Casper City Council voted for a third and final time to restrict guns at city-related meetings. 
After weeks of discussion and debate, guns and weapons will no longer be allowed. 
During the first reading on November 1st, 6 council members were for the restriction. At the second and tonight's reading 5 were in favor. 
Council members who favor the restriction say they feel intimidated at their job. However, those who were against it say nothing involving a gun has ever happened at a meeting. Residents against the restriction have gone as far as threatening council-members and openly carrying guns into the last few council meetings. 
Council members and Mayor Paul Bertoglio say this is not the end. "We've just simply opened the pandora's box as it relates to the gun issue," Bertoglio said. "I believe we will see some constitutional challenges to it."