December Teacher of the Month

by Taylor Viydo,

For Ms. Chyann Howard of Douglas Primary School, teaching is in her blood. "[It's] something that has been in my family forever." said Howard. "My grandparents were both teachers, my parents are both teachers and educators in different ways."

While her family has been teaching for years, Howard is just getting started. Like her first grade students, her first day of school was in September. Speaking on her first teaching job she joked, "I was terrified, I didnt get a lot of sleep. But I knew I was walking into a great place to work." However, once she began she knew it was the profession for her. "Once I got in [the classroom], I knew it was for me." Howard said. "I knew this was exactly what I needed to be doing."

In addition to subjects like reading, writing and math, Ms. Howard teaches something else: Respect. "It's just part of my job. Teaching them how to be social, interact with other students as well as adults." Specifically, the school as a good behavior ladder; a way to help encourage student growth. "If [the students] do things that are not expected of them, then they get to move up 'the ladder." Actions like helping others, giving compliments, and working hard lets the students "move up." If a student makes it to the top, they earn a trip to the "Bee-Hive" and the chance to play games.

The one thing that makes Howard come back to the classroom every day? "Their curiosity, and watching them grow and learn new things is probably my favorite thing." she said. "To see [their] growth...I think I get more excited than they do!"