Update: Dish Network Negotiations

Last Thursday... KGWC and KFNB in Casper, plus KLWY in Cheyenne offered Dish the opportunity to broadcast the Denver Broncos and New York Giants playoff games yesterday. The games were offered at no charge as a goodwill gesture. 
All the stations asked for in return was to be credited for the gesture in any press release made by dish, and for dish to advertise the games on the channels the stations were previously on. They also requested that no negative comments be aired about the current negotiations. 
Station negotiator Mark Nalbone says Dish refused to agree to those reasonable terms, with no regard for their viewers. The stations remained ready to make an agreement right up until game time. But, Nalbone says Dish refused to even answer his e-mails beginning Saturday afternoon. 
Dish e-mailed K2 News a response and says that the "network worked tirelessly to try and provide access to the games" but goes on to say in the statement that the stations "continued to make onerous and unacceptable contract demands."