Trailer Fire In Laramie County Leaves Two Dead

Jeff Schuman reports,

One adult and one juvenile are dead following a house fire Sheriff's officials say may have been intentionally set.

At approximately 5:19 a.m., neighbors of a trailer off of South Greeley Highway say they heard commotion.

"What I'd heard was loud banging and it sounded to me like doors closing," neighbor Nina Pike said. "It was probably 10 of them and I just though it was people getting up."

Laramie County Sheriff's Department dispatched to a reported trailer on fire.

"There was flames, smoke, lots of smoke," Pike said.

Upon arriving on scene...

"It was discovered that there were two female bodies within the trailer itself, both were deceased," Laramie County Sheriff Spokesman Gerry Luce said. "It appears that one of them was in fact a juvenile."

The juvenile victim was found in a bedroom with the adult female near the trailer door. No names or ages have been released.

"Autopsies are scheduled on the two victims as we speak," Luce said.

The fire destroyed only parts of the interior of the trailer where the bodies were found and the initial investigation has authorities believing the fire may have been deliberately set.

"It appears that the cause of the fire was more than an accidental causation so there's factors in there that lead investigators to believe that it was deliberately set."

Neighbors say it is a relatively safe area, but the incident has shaken them up.

"It makes me nervous. It makes me really nervous that it's two houses down," neighbor Dyllan Harper said. "And the people next door to me I'm very close to. I feel like I'm in a safe neighborhood and I wouldn't expect that to happen.