Fremont County Voting Rights Appeal Denied

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 Fremont County's voting rights appeal was denied by a panel of judges. The county requested a single district for the Wind River Reservation, while the rest of the county votes at large.


 It's back to the drawing board for the Fremont County Commissioners, after the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals denied a plan that would have the Wind River Reservation in it's own district, while the rest of the county votes at large. The county will now have to use one of three back up plans they designed.

"Before the decision on the appeal came out, we had been preparing to do redistricting just like the legislature, of our five commissioner districts," said Julie Freese, the Fremont County Election Clerk.

One County Commissioner is expressing how he isn't pleased with the court's decision.

"I'm sorry that we didn't prevail in the appeal because I think we would have a better county government if we did not have districts, " said County Commissioner Pat Hickerson.

The three different plans the county has come up with is based on the county's population.

"Just like the legislature, the high we can go and the low we can go and we tried to get that as close as possible to average," Freese said. 

But County Commissioner Pat Hickerson believes redistricting could get in the way of what is truly best for the county.

"You become a commissioner representing only your little coroner of the county as opposed to the best interest of the whole county."

There will be a series of public meetings over the next couple of weeks in Fremont County that will help decide which plan is best.

• Thursday, Feb. 23, Crowheart Big Wind Hall, 33 Old Yellowstone Hwy, 6 P.M.
• Wednesday, Feb. 29, Riverton City Council Chambers, 816 N Federal Blvd, 6 P.M.
• Wednesday, March 1, Lander Commissioner Chambers, 350 N. 2nd St., Rm 220, 6 P.M.
• Wednesday, March 7, Shoshoni Sr Citizens Center, 209 Main, 6 P.M.
• Thursday, March 8,Wyoming Indian HS Tech Center, 636 Hwy 132, Ethete, 6 P.M.

"And if you can't go to them or don't like meetings, maybe to at least get on our website, look at those three maps and there is an avenue for them to comment. That's really important for people to do that."

Even though some of the commissioners aren't happy with the court's ruling, there has not been any talk of appealing the decision in the US Supreme Court.

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