Wyo. Gas Prices Rising-Could Reach $5 a Gallon

by Andrew Lofholm, alofholm@k2tv.com 

The Average price of gas in Wyoming is on the rise again, going up by more than seven-cents a gallon in the last week.  Across the country, its gone up 11-cents.  Some analysts are predicting it could go as high as $5 a gallon this summer. 

Several stations in Casper raised their prices another 10-cents Monday afternoon, meaning several stations in the Oil City are up 24-cents higher than it was just a week ago.

Wyoming does luck out in a sense, because we have access to cheaper Canadian crude oil, that the majority of the US does not, leaving our price here considerably cheaper than the rest of the nation.

While it is normal for gas to rise incrementally this time of year, it is going to rise aggressively thanks to the increasing tensions in the Middle East. 

Watch the video for the full details, and to hear from a senior petroleum analyst: