Man Accused of Attempted Murder

The jury is currently deliberating whether a man is guilty or not guilty in the attempted murder of his ex girlfriend. 

According to police, Lawshawn King, kidnapped and beat Melissa Benson with a hammer in early May of last year. 

Benson suffered facial fractures. 

Today was the fourth day of the trial. 

And prosecutors say King was caught literally red handed, with blood all over his hands and under his finger nails. 

While the defense argues there was no meaningful investigation after Benson said King assaulted her in early May. 

Police say Benson stepped out of her minivan in the parking lot of Studio City and King suddenly began beating her with a hammer. 

According to court documents, she begged for her life, but King forced her back into the vehicle. 

Meanwhile Benson managed to sneak a 911 phone call. 

There is also a recording of a phone conversation between King, Benson and another man, where Benson's life is being threatened just days prior to the incident. 

The question is whether or not the recording has been tampered with. 

King faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.