Living With Pfeiffer Syndrome

by Taylor Viydo, 
Riddyk Quiroz is like any other 7-month-old baby. He is curious about the world around him and is working on saying his first words.
"Riddyk is no different than my other sons." said Bobbie Quiroz, Riddyk's mother. "He is a joy to have around." 
However, when Riddyk was born Bobbie, her husband Joey, and their doctor noticed that something was different. 

"When [he] was born, not any doctors knew what it was." says Bobbie. Neither her or Joey had heard of anything like it. 
As it turned out, Riddyk was born with Pfeiffer Syndrome, an extremely rare birth syndrome. Affecting about 1 in every 100,000 births, Pfeiffer Syndrome is characterized by premature fusion of certain bones of the skull. As a result, further growth of the skull is restricted and shape of the head and face is affected. According to Joey, Riddyk is the only known case of Pfeiffer Syndrome in all of Wyoming.

While surgery is available, it is not a simple process. Bobbie and Joey are getting ready to travel to Dallas where Riddyk will receive the first of a few surgeries.

"Rather it be my infant son or my 16-year-old son, I don't want any of my kids to go through surgery. My heart breaks for [Riddyk]." says Bobbie.

While it will not be an easy, or affordable trip, Bobbie and Joey are prepared to make the sacrifice for the latest addition to their family. "We went from thinking that everything was such a dread, to 'this is still our child,' and we are happy with what God gave us." says Joey

The Quiroz family says any help, whether it be prayers or financial assistance, is greatly appreciated. If you would like to help out, Riddyk does have a foundation set up in his name at First Interstate Bank in Casper. Donations are greatly appreciated. 

You can also log onto facebook and visit the "Riddyk Quiroz Fan Club."