The Importance Of Reading At Home With Your Child

K2's Megan Contreras uncovers the important role parents play when it comes to reading at home.

"A book can be a child's absolute best friend," says Dr. Madden.
The power a book has on a child's young mind is one of major importance at Willard Elementary.
"We don't drop the ball ever on any day with reading."
Each school day teachers devote 90 minutes to the learning of reading.
"It's the most important content area that absolutely empowers a child to be successful the rest of their life."
When a student walks out of the doors for the day, each leaves with a book in their hand.
"Books go home from the school and the students read to the parents, parents sign off that indeed the child has read the book to them."
However, not all students are completing their required reading at home.
"We had some of our parents on occasion sign off on the book having not been read by their student."
Educators often question their students on how well they have comprehended their book.
"If they do not remember, there's a pretty good indicator they did not read the story."
Dr. Madden has words of advice for parents to follow while at home.
"I absolutely recommend at least 2 or 3 days a week, turn the television off and sit with your child and either read to them or let them read to the parent."