New Rules for Emergency Services?

Submitted By:  Liz Cooper,  

The Wyoming Department of Health is looking at rule changes for emergency services across the state. 

Mountain View Regional Hospital is one hospital in Casper trying to make changes, but currently has its hands tied because of the outdated rules. 

Mountain View is a surgical hospital, specializing in neuro surgery, ears, nose and throat, plastic surgery and other smaller surgical discipline. 

They are equipped with a very small emergency room, but are asking for rule changes, to in the end, benefit the patients. 

The current rules were established before there were specialty hospitals like Mountain View. 

And because of that, Mountain View is required by law, to treat any patient that comes to their facility. 

In certain cases, it's that "golden hour" that doctors refer to as the first and most important. 

Mountain View Regional Hospital does not plan on closing its emergency room doors, rather under new rules, have the power to send patients more quickly to other properly equipped medical locations. 

The Wyoming Department of Health is and will continue to collect public comment about the rule changes until May 4th.