Sweet Cakes

Wendy Mayberry and Kerri Hawthorne created Sweet Cakes in January 2011. They offer everyday cupcakes and also bake vegan, gluten and sugar free cupcakes.
They will also be taking orders for Easter cupcakes. Here are some of the choices:

Lemon Peep Cakes
Lemon cake with lemon and  frosting topped with sugar peep.

Easter Basket
Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting in the shape of an Easter basket topped with candy eggs.

Carrot Cake
Our version of carrot cake with craisins and walnuts and topped with luscious cream cheese frosting


email: SweetCakesCasper@yahoo.com
123 West E Street, Casper, Wyoming
Wendy Mayberry             Kerri Hawthorne
  307-267-7068                 307-259-9321