Chesapeake Looks to Stop Gas Flow at Blowout Site

Chesapeake energy and contract specialists are evaluating how to stop the uncontrolled release of natural gas into the air, at a well in Converse County. 
No one on the rig, located about 10-miles northeast of Douglas, was injured when the well blew about 4 pm yesterday afternoon. 
The investigation into exactly what happened is continuing, and the company is making plans to bring in the resources needed to control the gas release. 
In the meantime, some residents have left their homes. "While air-readings in the area are normal, out of an abundance of caution, we wanted to ask residents to voluntarily evacuate the area." said Chesapeake spokeswoman Kelsey Campbell. The company is paying the hotel bill for the residents who chose to leave, but are being told they can return home if they wish.  
17-people decided not to evacuate last night. 
Governor Mead says Chesapeake is working on controlling the situation, and so far, he does not know what action, if any, might be taken by the state.