Randy Bower, CY Middle School

by Taylor Viydo, tviydo@k2tv.com 
CY Middle School student Maxine Casias has one thing to say about Mr. Bower: "You can definitely tell he's a kid at heart." 
8th Grader Tori Johnson adds, "He makes everything fun. He's always energetic and never in a bad mood." 

For the life science teacher at CY Middle School, instructing his students is just as important as making the learning experience enjoyable. "Nothing is as hard as you think it is," Bower says. "If you try and just give effort, you're going to do well...If you give your best effort, we're going to find a way to make you successful." 
Giving effort and trying your best is the message Randy Bower has been sharing with students at CY for 7 years. His other message, and noted by his students, is to have fun. 
"That's one of the biggest things. If you can play at your job no matter what it is...it's never work. Everybody has a much better time in [the classroom]." says Bower.

When asked about being a kid at heart, as noted by Maxine, Bower says it's his duty. "I kind of feel like it's almost my job to bring it down a level in here. It really helps with clique things or who's popular and who's not. It doesn't really matter when we all start to play a little bit."
For Bower, the reward of teaching is not only showing his students that learning is fun, but also to see them succeed. "The best thing is a struggling kid who finally figures it out. You see the face, it lights up, you see them beam." Bower says. "That's one of the best things that happens in my classroom."