Wyoming TV Stations Reach Agreement With Dish

Several Wyoming TV stations have reached an agreement with Dish Network to be put back on the satellite service effective Tuesday evening. "We've got a positive resolution," said Mark Nalbone, who is the designated negotiator for the stations.
The stations are K2TV, which is ABC in both Casper and Cheyenne, KFNB and KLWY, which are the FOX stations in the two cities, and KGWC, CBS, in Casper. The stations have been off Dish since January 1st, when the two sides failed to reach a new contract agreement to continue carrying them. 
Nalbone says viewers who may have turned to other sources since the stations have been off should take another look at the K2 news. "K2 provides a good quality newscast," said Nalbone. "A lot of stories are on K2 that aren't covered by anyone else...give K2 another chance to win you back as a viewer." 
Nalbone also wants to remind viewers, that even if you are not a Dish or cable subscriber, you can receive the stations free and over the air in much of the state. The stations are broadcast in full HD quality.