Former Marine Runs Across Country For Wounded Vets

Jeff Schuman reports,

A marine veteran is running nearly 3,400 miles in 100 days to raise funds for wounded vets.

What began as an idea at the dinner table with his wife has turned into a mission on foot across the country.

"100 days, a total of almost 3,400 miles and I'm covering about 34 miles a day," marine veteran Jamie Summerlin said.

39-year-old Jamie Summerlin began his cross country trek on March 26th in Coos Bay, Oregon with plans of strolling into the finish line on July 4th in Annapolis, Maryland. And although there have been hiccups along the way...

"The first couple of weeks I dealt with some injuries as we were in Oregon climbing up over Diamond Lake that I messed up my shin pretty good."

Jaime says his pain is only temporary.

"What I'm going through each day, I'm going to get over it after the 100 days hopefully. The men and women that I'm doing this for, they've lost limbs, they've dealt with PTSD issues. These are things that they're going to have to deal with for the rest of their lives."

The purpose behind the run is to raise funds for wounded veterans while getting out and thanking veterans and armed forces.

"Something that I try to do every day is thank a vet and try to remind people to thank a vet as well."

44 days in and a little over 1,800 miles to go, Jaime says recognition has drastically picked up which he is thankful for as it only increases veteran awareness.

"I get out, I get a chance to see this beautiful country the way that I've been able to. My kids, my family have been able to enjoy the beauty that we have. And it's all because of the sacrifices that our vets have made."

Running nearly 3,400 miles is not in the cards for everyone. But the advice Jaime gives to help out a vet is simple.

"Buy a vet a beer, lend them your ear for an hour; you'd be amazed at what a thank you and a handshake would do for a vet."