Mountain Fit/Ascent CrossFit Week 3 WOD #1

Mountain Fit/Ascent CrossFit Week 3 WOD #1

Today you will complete a workout that will test your endurance and incorporate exercises that you should be perfecting at this point. While you do a push up, your body should stay rigid in a plank position. You should touch your chest to the ground each time. Remember to use perfect form on each exercise. This is difficult to do when you are fatigued, but make sure you push through it. You need to do the 20 rounds as quickly as possible without compromising your form.

Today's WOD:

20 Rounds for time:

5 Push ups

5 Air Squats

5 Sit ups

Here is a link on how to do an air squat:

Here is a link on how to do a sit up:

As always, if you have questions please post them on our Facebook page at and a Trainer will get back to you. If you would like to learn more about CrossFit check out the Mountain Fit website at You can also find a link to a healthy Meal of the Day recipe on the Mountain Fit website.