Clear Creek Brewing Co. in the Works

by Taylor Viydo, 
Something is brewing in Buffalo, Wyoming. It's not beer quite yet, it's rather the brewery itself. 
"You look at Buffalo, it's a great small town, but it's missing a social place for young, middle-aged people to come and socialize and enjoy a really fabulous beer," says Michael Engling of Clear Creek Brewing Company. 
Engling and his partners at Clear Creek started out as humble home-brewers, but have since decided to take their love of all things beer to the next level. "We started out with kits and malt extracts," says Engling. "From there, we've gone to all-grain brewing and have kept on going, I guess." 
"We've bought pretty much every book you can buy on brewing science," adds Rob McCorkle. "[The books] are all dog-eared and used. We've done our homework and [this brewery] is the end result of that homework." 
In January, Clear Creek leased space located on Main Street in Buffalo. Now the brewers are in the process are putting all the pieces together. "This is a huge endeavor," says McCorkle. "We planned this for probably 3 years before we even put anything into motion." Engling adds that the company is waiting on fermenters and kegs. "We have our shipments of hops, and our grains are in. When our fermenters are here, we'll be ready to brew beer." says Engling. 
However, Clear Creek is just a small part of the picture that is the growing craft beer scene in the United States. According to the Brewers Association, there were just under 1,400 craft breweries in the US in 2005. By 2011, that number had grown to over 1,900. Last year alone, 213 breweries opened across the country. 
The Cowboy State is by no means bucking this trend. Earlier this year, Freedom's Edge Brewing Company in Cheyenne opened their doors, and Clear Creek will follow later this year. Including the brewpub in Buffalo, Wyoming is now home to 14 breweries. 
For the guys at Clear Creek, opening day can't come soon enough. "Everyday we're in here working and remolding. People are walking by, asking how it's going," says Chris Jones. "We're excited to open the door and actually offer people our products." 
Clear Creek Brewing Company hopes to open it's doors no later than August. 

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