Casper Man Paints His Way to the Masters

K2's Megan Contreras reports,

Nationally recognized artist, Zachary Pullen, is at the Masters Golf Tournament with his painting the "Masters Grip." A painting that took him 4 years to complete.

In just the 8th grade, Zachary Pullen was asked by his English teacher, what he wanted to be when he grew up...his answer...a Professional Artist.
   Pullen followed his dreams, and for the past 16 years, he has become nationally recognized as an artist.
" My stuff is just based on a sick, wicked sense of humor and kind of poking fun at somebody. A lot of my stuff is political, like magazine covers that I do are very political and they hire me just for that sense of humor and to bring out the character of the person...good or bad."

This passion recently landed him an invitation to be apart of this years Masters Golf Tournament, as an artist in the Masters Experience Tent.

"The idea for the Masters Grip came from a story that I heard or read about Tiger Woods and Bryon Nelson at the 98' Champions Dinner. Tiger was loosing his ball, to the right most likely and they have a Champions Dinner every year, where the previous winner hosts the dinner. Somebody told the story of looking over and seeing Bryon Nelson, who is in his late 70's early 80's and Tiger Woods, who was 22 at the time, comparing their grips on a butter knife."

A tournament that has been going on since 1934, is celebrating its 75th anniversary with Pullen's painting on display, a painting that took him 4 years to complete.

"This painting culminates 75 years of history of one of the best tournaments ever made."

All of the winners of the Masters Tournament are portrayed in his painting.

"It captures every champion, so there's been 45 champions since 34 until now. A lot of repeats in there, but it has 75 years of champions in there."

When I asked Pullen how he began the process of a painting that captures 75 years of history, he said...

"First step that I did was obviously the concept. I did a little sketch on the napkin type of thing and from there I went and did the research trying to find all the characters and multiple poses and trying to find photo reference of everybody."