LCCC Interim President Optimistic of Future

Jeff Schuman reporting,

On March 14th, LCCC's interim president took to the office.

"It's a joy to be back at LCCC," interim president Miles LaRowe said.

After working at the community college for 20 years from '73 to '93, LaRowe says it's like a homecoming. But in the few short weeks he's been in office, it's been all work and no play.

"There are plenty of irons in the fire. Plenty of things to do with regards to the administration at the college. Of course, we're seeking a new president. But we are also doing an organizational audit. We're also looking at some facilities master planning and of course the new budget."

The organizational audit will study the college's structure and personnel working at the college. And as for LaRowe's role in finding the new president, he says he will act as an advisor where need be. But it will more than likely be winter time before anything happens.

"I'm hoping that the college will have their next president in place by Thanksgiving and the new president and I can transition through the month of December. And then he or she can be well on their way."

Until then, LaRowe believes the stable and productive environment will bode well for the future of LCCC.

"We're doing many, many great things for the community and especially for the students. And I'm sure that the new president will see that and rise to any and all occasions to make us go beyond the college's vision and really be a superior, quality institution."