Clean Up Begins on Casper Mountain

Property owners in the path of the Sheep Herder Hill Fire now face months, if not years of clean up and rebuilding. 
Natrona County Emergency Management is doing what it can to make the recovery a little easier. Residents and property owners will be able to put fire debris in two sets of county provided dumpsters. 
The dumpsters are located at South Circle Drive at Star Willow, and also on East End Road by the vertical water tower. That location is about 2.5 Miles East of Bear Trap. There are two dumpsters at each location, one that is only for metal and the other for other fire debris. 
Residents are not allowed to put trees or household trash in the dumpsters. Additionally, any hazardous materials or propane tanks must be taken to the hazmat facility at the regional landfill in Casper.
Authorities are also urging homeowners to inspect any large propane tanks before using them, or getting them refilled. They say heat from the fire could have damaged the tank itself, or the valves or piping connected to it. 
If you have any questions, call Natrona County Emergency Management at (307)-235-9205.