Wyoming Housing Market Increases w/ National Trend

Submitted By: Liz Cooper, LCooper@K2TV.com  

According to national reports, the housing market is on the rise. 

And here in Casper, it's no different. 

The Casper housing market is and continues to be on the rise.

According to a local real estate company, the Wyoming is following the national trend. 

With interest rates lower than they've ever been, it's making it easier to buy and sell homes. 

It's a give-and-take market right now and the local economy is feeling the affects. 

People are able to move into the area and easily buy a home and at low interest rates. 

Typically, realtors will tend to see a slow down, especially in selling, as you get closer to the school season. 

But according to Broke One Realty, that isn't the case this year. 

Because of the energy industry on the rise in the state of Wyoming, that helps our housing market, but that's not the only job industry drawing people into our state.