Tammy Kelly - Poison Spider School

by Taylor Viydo, tviydo@k2tv.com 
For Tammy Kelly, you could say becoming principal at Poison Spider School was a dream come true. 
"It's interesting. I grew up in Casper and I actually went to school at Poison Spider from second grade through eighth grade," says the alum-turned principal. "This was the only school that I wanted to be principal at. This is the best place to be in Casper." 
Before coming to her alma mater, Kelly taught for three years in Kansas before moving back to Wyoming and teaching elementary students for 8 years at Evansville School. Now as a principal, she is embracing her unique role as an educator. "One of the things as a principal is that I get the best of both worlds," says Kelly. "I get to work with the teachers and the staff here at Poison Spider and I still get to know the students." 
As a principal, Kelly says one of her most significant roles is taking a stance against bullying. "Kids will come and talk to us about situations where they are being bullied and we make sure that we can work to get it stopped," she says. Kelly adds that Poison Spider has a "no-nonsense" policy in regards to bullying. 
"I had a class last year that I really struggled with - there were a lot of bullies. [Kelly] was by my side 100 percent," says 4th grade teacher Rosanna Maxwell of the principal's actions. "I think it's great to have someone to talk to when you have problems. Bullying, or anything like that, you can just go talk to Mrs. Kelly I think it's wonderful," adds 8th grader Timarah Stewart. 
Talking with other students, parents, and teachers, it's obvious to notice that many have similar feelings about Principal Kelly. "I love her as a principal...I do," says 5th grader Jacob Crowe. 
Parent Michael Larson, who has two children at Poison Spider, says Kelly was a game-changer in deciding where his kids went to school. "We actually went with the school of choice for Natrona County. We went to a lot of schools and [Kelly] just won us over. She's nice and easy-going, but a very good educator," he says. 
Meanwhile, Maxwell describes her experience with Principal Kelly with one word: blessed. "I get to work with a principal that appreciates me and my work." 
At the end of the day, it's safe to say Tammy Kelly feels blessed as well. 

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