Request for New Lawyer Denied

by K2 News Desk, 
A man charged with attempted second degree murder has been denied a hearing for a new lawyer.

Robert Broyles claimed that his lawyer was not supportive of him and did not support his not guilty plea.

In court Friday morning, Broyles said "I just want someone to stand up for me." Broyles' attorney, meanwhile, argued he has advised his client as much as he can. 
In denying Broyles' motion, district court Judge Wilking cited an ethical obligation for all lawyers not to "sugar coat" anything for their clients. She added that a meaningful relationship between attorneys and clients can not be guaranteed. 

Police say Broyles stabbed a man in the head with a knife and a hatchet during the early morning hours on the Fourth of July in Casper's Morad Park. Investigators say the knife blade penetrated the man's skull, just missing his brain. 
A trial will be scheduled in the coming months.

Robert Broyles in court earlier this year.