Victims Identified in Casper College Tragedy

by K2 News Desk, 
Casper Police Chief has identified the suspect is 25 year old Chris Krumm, is the son of Casper College Professor, 56 year old James Krumm. 
Walsh says Chris came to Casper from Connecticut on Nov. 29th and checked in to a hotel with an apparent intent to attack. 
Chris entered James' classroom (while class was in session) and killed his father.Chief Walsh says Chris used a compound bow and two knives in the attack, and fired one arrow at his father's head. 
Chris was showing slight signs of life when responders arrived, but died at the scene.  

42 year old Heidi Arnold was stabbed prior to college incident on Hawthorne street. Most of that attack took place in street. 

There is no clear motive at this time.