Class Teaches Students to Ride Bulls

 Victoria Fregoso reports, 

 Every year professional bull riders take on the challenge of winning a top spot in rodeos across the U.S. And just like any sport, they had to start off small.

Children as young as 9 years old are getting the experience of a life time as they climb on a bull and wait for that gate to open.

"There are kids that come here and they'll ride once and that's all they want to do so they can say 'I've been on a bull'" said Jesse Olson, who is involved with the workshop. "And then there are kids that will come here and they'll really like it and they'll keep riding and go to all of the summer rodeos."

These youngsters are participating in the Ready to Ride, Rope your Dreams Workshop.
The work shop is in it's 5th year and has grow every year since.

"We got some steers and started it the first year and had about 12 kids," said Jeremy Larkey, one of the original workshop participants. "We've been going every year in April and we've been gaining more and more kids."

The young bull riders make progress over the course of the three day work shop.

"When they are just first starting, they last about 2 seconds and just fall off. And then you see them start to comprehend what they're doing and they start to work on their form and it's really nice to see them excel in this," says Tyler Crippen, a Senior Division participant.

But first time riders aren't expected to climb onto a full size bull.

"We've got the mini bulls for kids that have never been on and younger kids. And then we've got these bulls called Southwick bulls, they're pretty much the ranker ones out of the bunch," Cole Crippen, one of the original workshop participants said. "Just bigger bulls for the bigger experienced people and we have smaller and slower bulls for the younger and not experienced people."

Participants learn lessons they can apply to their daily lives as well.

"We also talk about drugs and alcohol and not to abuse that stuff," Cole Crippen said.
Jeremy Larkey adds "And it's not just getting on the bulls and being the toughest guy and winning the money, it's about a brotherhood."