Ying Yang Twins Headline at The Venue

K2's Denise Pernula reports, dpernula@k2tv.com

A multi-purpose entertainment facility, The Venue, recently opened at 12th Street and Beverly.  This weekend hip-hop sensations the Ying Yang Twins lite up their new stage with their crunk style rap.

Hailing from Atlanta, the Twins have taken the southern style crunk-rap mainstream.  They're best know for their popular club and radio hits "Salt Shaker",  "Get Low", and "Shake".

Ying Yang's song "Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk)" is now a NFL standard during touchdowns scored by the New Orleans Saints since 2006. 

KTWO's Denise Pernula gets the exclusive backstage interview with Kaine and D-Roc.