Andrea Sandercock - Centennial Junior High

by Taylor Viydo, 
Centennial Junior High has always held a special place in Andrea Sandercock's heart. "I am actually a former Centennial Eagle myself, so it's kind of a dream to be here teaching," she says. Sandercock is now the school's 6th grade science teacher. 
When asked why she teaches biology, Sandercock says science is life, and also involves aspects like creativity and problem solving. 
"I love the hands-on and I love when the kids get that hands-on experience and the light bulb goes on - It makes everything worthwhile," she says. 
When observing Sandercock teach, it is easy to tell that those "light bulbs" going on is something that happens in her class every day. "Whenever you need help, she'll help you and it will be like *snap* - you know it right away!" says Centennial 6th grader Ben Ridgeway. 
Classmate Alexia Mendez says she was nervous before taking her first science class. "I didn't really know that much science. But once I got Ms. Sandercock, she would show you stuff and say 'don't worry.'" 
However, Sandercock's impact on her students goes well beyond her 6th grade classroom. "I had a student that e-mailed me his sophomore year in college and he said, 'It's because of you I'm still in school,'" said Sandercock. "It makes me want to cry. I'm just so happy that I made a difference for a kid. 
Teaching science to 6th graders at the middle school school she attended? After all, it's not hard to see how Ms. Sandercock truly sees herself in a dream job. "I don't really consider my job a job because I enjoy coming to work everyday," says the science teacher. 

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