President Calls for more SRO's

Submitted By: Liz Cooper,   

One of the topics President Obama called on was more resource officers available in our schools. 

We spoke with school officials about school resource officers and their role in our community. 

S.R.O's have shown their presence in Casper for years. 

There are currently two within our school district. 

And with the president's proposal for more S.R.O's in schools, both Natrona County school district officials and school resource officers agree it is a good idea. 

Superintendent Joel Dvorak says they are asking for suggestions from the community for the schools and local law enforcement. 

He says he wants to inform everyone on how the C.P.D works with our schools and address any questions or concerns. 

You can contact the Natrona County School District for more information at 253-5200.