Employers, Job Seekers See Increase in Business

Job opportunities on the rise in Wyoming
Cassandra Hager reports, chager@k2tv.com

Workers at Adecco Staffing Services in Casper are used to helping people find work.  It's a relatively new development that more and more clients are contacting them looking for employees.  This recent boom in jobs is a welcome change for employers and job seekers alike.

"Certainly what we're seeing now is our unemployment numbers go down, and really with what's going on in this marketplace I don't feel the unemployment numbers truly reflect the number of jobs going on and the number of people looking for work here"

White says that industries seeing an increase in hiring include not just the oil and gas industries, but also the healthcare and private retail businesses in both clerical and industrial fields.  But despite new hiring opportunities for many, some who lack the skills employers are looking for find the struggle to find work very frustrating.

"It really makes me mad, actually, because I really need a job right now."

But Makinen says despite his frustration over not being able to find a job, he is glad that there are organizations available to help him find work.

"They've helped me with resumes  and applications, so they've been pretty good."