MD Sufferer's Dream Becomes Reality

Jeff Schuman reports,

A Wyoming teen with muscular dystrophy becomes an honorary soldier for a day.

Muscular dystrophy has been a constant struggle for 13 year-old Erick Morales.

"Sometimes you don't realize in life that things can change from one second to the next, but you have to make every moment count," Erick's mother Maria Morales said.

Like every kid growing up, he has ambitions, hopes and goals. And atop that list is becoming a soldier.

"This is a wish he has wanted for, since he was probably three or four years old."

And for just one day that wish came true as the Wyoming National Guard named Erick an honorary soldier.

"He wants to see what us soldiers are doing and how we'ere fighting for him pretty much like he's fighting for himself," National Guard member Robert Scruggs said.

Every day presents new challenges, but on this day Erick lived his fantasy of riding in a tank, being behind a rocket launcher and just living the life of a soldier.

"It's something that's really heart-warming and pretty exciting," Scruggs said.

"His smile is just worth a million dollars," Morales said. "Just seeing him smile is just, it brightens up my day. That's what makes life worth it."

Erick understands there is no guarantee in life, which is why he goes door to door raising money for MD.

"He says that hopefully one day they can stop it, and if it's not in his lifetime, but in someone else's.

And hopefully the $2,500 he has already collected this year will help some kids' dream come true. But for today, it was about making Erick's a reality.

"All my wishes came true," Erick Morales said.