Natrona County Housing Market Maintains Uptick

by Xavier Walton,

A gauge of the nation's housing market was released today by the National Association of Home Builders and once again it fell by one point. But despite the slight fall on the national level, home sales in Casper are still on an uptick.

With the rapidly growing population in Natrona County there's a heavy demand for homes and that demand is boding well for both buyers and sellers. Last year Natrona County had the fastest growing population in Wyoming because of that realtors couldn't be happier.

"I know the realtors in Casper are hungry," said Brian Reutner, new home owner. "We've sold 100 more houses than usual," added Diego Nicholas, a Broker One real estate agent.

In large part the big increase is due to the unique job opportunities Wyoming provides.
"Without a doubt it's the coal, the oil, the gas; all those minerals keep the state going very very well," said real estate agent Kevin Bromley.

The mineral market supports thousands of jobs state-wide, which is why the Wyoming jobless rate is amongst the lowest in the United States. "There's a lot of jobs compared to a lot of states," said Nicholas.

The population here in Casper is growing so fast the building companies can hardly keep up. "We're low on inventory because there are so many people moving in from out of state and people selling here," Nicholas said.

Brian Reutner who started looking for his home nearly 6 months ago felt the affects more so than others.

"The houses hit the market and they're gone pretty quick," said Reutner. "By the time we got our offer in somebody else would have it under contract."

Before we blame every non-Wyomingite there's another factor to this year's increase in home sales.

"This past winter has been fairly mild and that usually has a tendency to have more buyers, which keeps our inventory fairly low into the winter and into the spring," said Bromley.

There you have it, that's one more thing you can blame on Wyoming weather, but in spite of all that, home sales in Casper are still on the rise. "Supply and demand has a lot to do with it," said Bromley.

"The interest rates were at an all-time low," added Nicholas.

"We got this home for roughly a dollar per square foot, which is significantly below the Casper average," said Reutner.

While not everyone's situation will work out quite like Brian's, the chances are more likely than not.

"Perfect time for sellers, then again it's also good for buyers because they get a good interest rate," said Nicholas.

"We waited until we found the home we really wanted, one that fit our needs, and this one is going to work well for us," added Reutner.