DEQ Works With Business Owners

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 The Department of Environmental Quality is looking at ways small businesses can contribute to a cleaner environment.

 Business owners from across the state are constantly working to keep up with the Department of Environmental Quality regulations.
So groups like the Small Business Compliance Advisory Panel are working to do just that.

"They have gone above and beyond to try and act as a clearing house towards businesses, to what regulations are effecting them, or will be effecting them," said Ernie Skretteberg of McGarvin-Moberly Construction.

There are roughly 180 chemicals that can be released into the air through business manufacturing.
So companies like Bonneville Transloaders Incorporated are updating their equipment.

"It was the right thing to do for the environment," said Cliff Root, the Chief Executive Officer for BTI. "There was some emissions. Soda Ash was the emittent, it's an alkaline product and alkaline is good. But too much of it going into the atmosphere is not a good thing. So we put a new dust collection system in."

The DEQ is also working with school districts through out the state to improve school bus emission standards.
They are currently retro-fitting and replacing older model school buses.
Recently, 13 new school buses were purchased through federal funding, along with two hybrid electric diesel school buses.

"We're testing them currently in Pinedale and Green River, they're moving to Casper and Cheyenne," said Stephen Rosenberry with the Department of Environmental Quality. "So we went from a rural demonstration project, to more of an urban environment in Wyoming to see if there's any difference in how hybrid technology school buses might be more applicable to improving the environment in urban areas as well."

And once these school buses become part of the school districts, Wyoming will have the most environmentally friendly school buses in the country.

"We will have probably 80% of them up to 2007 EPA emission standards. Which is unheard of any where else in the country." said Rosenberry.