LCSD1 Holds First Annual State of the District

Cassandra Hager reports,

LCSD1 holds the first annual State of the District address.

Yesterday marked the first annual State of the District address for the Laramie Country School District number one.

The meeting was just the first of a month-long discussion on the district's overall performance and plans for improvement.

"It's an opportunity for us to take a look at data, a critical look at data of how we're doing and then kind of share our plan on what we plan to do in the future to improve upon where we're at and how we can take a district that we think is already pretty good to become an even better district."

In this particular discussion, Superintendent Mark J. Stock said that LCSD1 is slightly above the national average in reading and math, but slightly below the state average in those same subjects.

The meeting was informative for not just parents and Laramie County School District faculty members, but students as well.

"I really enjoyed learning where I stand amongst other schools and other students; And I've moved around a lot just like he said, and he talked about all the different statistics, which was really helpful to learn about where I stand amongst all of them."

If the month-long discussion proves to be successful, the district will continue holding them in years to come.