WMC Completes Emergency Room Renovations

K2's Ophelia Young reports, oyoung@k2tv.com: 

After a year-long wait, the Wyoming Medical Center has officially completed their new emergency department. 

At times in the past few years, the hospital's emergency department found themselves so crowded they had to treat patients in hallways. 

Now with more and larger rooms and equipment, Casper's primary hospital is hoping that won't happen anymore. 

The Wyoming Medical Center used to have 22 beds, some in same rooms, others in the hallways. 13 months and about 9 million dollars later, their department now has 27 spacious rooms. 

The renovations meet three basic goals.  The first of course is more rooms.  The second is more room in the new rooms.  And third, the rooms have more equipment, and therefore, more functions.

The hospital says they're not done yet.  Theyre working on one more thing to increase patient flow: a faster admission process.

They Wyoming Medical Center says they saw 35,000 patients in their emergency department last year, and that they are the only full service hospital in a 150-mile radius.