Charges Maximized for Casper Man

by K2 News Desk, 
A Casper man who already pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and robbery charges, has since filed a motion for a new lawyer and has decided to represent himself. While Zachariah Johnson was filing paperwork to do so, the district attorney's office was going through its own paperwork. 
District Attorney Mike Blonigen said after reviewing evidence from the incident on March 4th, where Johnson allegedly stabbed a man, the state is now charging him with attempted first degree murder. 
Johnson appeared in court last week and expressed his dissatisfaction of his lawyer. Judge Wilking denied the motion of new counsel and told Johnson to proceed with his current lawyer, or represent himself. Johnson decided to continue pro se
Johnson's previous charges of aggravated assault and robbery carried maximum penalties of up to 25 years in prison. Because of the new charges, Johnson now faces life in prison. 
Blonigen stated as of Wednesday morning, Johnson is still representing himself.