Man Charged with 1st Degree Murder in Bar Shooting

Submitted By: Liz Cooper,  

The man who allegedly shot and killed 41 year old Todd Callies at Taylor\'s Sports Bar Wednesday made his initial appearance in court this afternoon. 

And although the case is still under investigation,
21 year old Samuel Renner is now officially charged with first degree murder in the death of Callies. 

Samuel Renner  spoke softly as he answered Judge Huber\'s generic questions for the record. 

His head hung low and both eyes so extremely black and blue and swollen from a fight that police say took place before the shooting. 

Renner is charged with first degree murder of Todd Callies, attempted first degree murder, multiple charges of aggrivated assault and possession of a deadly weapon.  

The state said even though the case is still ongoing, the possibility of the death penalty is on the table for Renner. 

According to court documents, a witness saw who is alleged to be Renner, shoot Callies multiple times in the northeast corner of Taylor\'s Sports Bar parking lot. 

During the police investigation, Renner stated to police he was attacked by a man outside the bar and then returned to his home with his girlfriend. 

Renner continued that he returned to Taylor\'s Sports Bar with two guns and said he shot someone there and left his guns at the scene. 

Other witnesses say Renner approached them blocks away from Taylor\'s Sports Bar, pointed two guns at them and stated \"do you want to die.\" 

Renner also approached another witness with a laser sighting gun and stated, \"I\'m looking for Scott \" and \"I\'m going to kill someone is that alright with you.\"  

That witness said Renner then headed towards Taylor\'s Sports Bar. 

During court this afternoon, the prosecutors recommended Renner\'s bond to be set at $1 milllion, while his lawyer asked for $200,000, arguing Renner has family ties here in Casper and he has no significant criminal history. 

Judge Huber instead requested no bond to be set for Renner. 

Renner is scheduled to have his preliminary hearing within the next 10 days.