Update: High Speed Chase Kills Teen

The chase began this morning at 9 a.m. on CY Avenue. Authorities say Wyoming Highway Patrol tried to stop a speeding pick-up truck, but it continued into Casper on CY Avenue. 

A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper said the pick up truck was going up to 100 miles per hour, even after it turned towards downtown on Center Street. 

He struck a pole, fatally struck an 18-year old and then slammed into the Goodstein Building. 

The 38-year old driver and teen were sent to the hospital where police say the victim died within hour.  The driver sustained minor injuries and, fortunately, nobody in the office of Grooms and Harkins, which the truck plowed into, was hurt. 

Employees of the company say the majority of their office was attending a class.  The few employees who were there though saw truck flew right by them. 

Because one of their troopers is considered involved, Highway Patrol has turned the case over to the Casper Police Department. 

The district attorney is preparing charges for the driver, now a criminal suspect in a case that will make its initial court hearing tomorrow. 

Police ask any witnesses to contact a Casper Police Investigator.