Wyoming State Auto Skills Trials

Cassandra Hager reporting, chager@k2tv.com

It wasn't your typical shop class.

This small group of high school students comprised of eights teams of two is competing for a scholarship, the chance to go to nationals in Dearborn, Michigan and a future in the mechanical industry.

It begins by officials placing ten defects in each car.  The teams then have approximately 90 minutes to fix these defects and whoever gets their car started first wins.

By utilizing skills students learn in competitions like these it allows them to utilize them better in the workforce in years to come.

"This contest is designed basically to bring more technicians into the field, because there is a shortage of auto technicians. So it's designed mainly for the high school students to get some experience."

Polich says that not only do the winners of this competition gain a scholarship and valuable experience, but recognition from possible future employers.

"It gives Ford Motor Company a chance to basically grow their technicians."

The lucky winners at nationals win bragging rights- and even more scholarship money.