Evidence Argued In Murder Trial

By: Liz Cooper, lcooper@k2tv.com

Evidence linked to Casper's only open murder case was discussed in court all day today to determine what will be allowed in Thomas Miller's trial next month. Nearly 75 pages of witness statements and evidence were presented to Judge Wilking for Miller's trial on October 28th. She separated the evidence in four categories, and from there into sub-categories regarding every detail. All of the information was related to either specific threats or violence to Natalie, events reflecting their relationship, acts of threats by miller to others or evidence immediately surrounding the murder case. Some of the evidence Judge Wilking dismissed was about previous incidents that she felt could sway the jury. But, she will allow a past girlfriend to testify. That woman claims miller put a gun to her head,both parties were advised to keep their witnesses on track and not to speak of the evidence that was excluded during the trial.