Mother's Day Flower Orders Increase This Year

K2's Ophelia Young reports, 

Florists are happily working long hours during their busiest week of the year--that is one before Mother's day.  And he best news is...this year has drawn more customers than the last. 

One flower shop, Flower Gallery, in downtown, Casper, has drawn so many customers the owner brought in her own mother because she couldn't handle all the phone calls. 

The Flower Gallery says they normally receive 15 to 20 orders a day.   This week, they're preparing about five times their average--up to 100 orders a day.  They say by Sunday night, they'll have arranged about 500 bouquets. 

They say this is a 30% increase in business this Mother's Day than the last, and the orders are larger too.  They thank the better economy. 

Also this year, more children have come in wanting to handpick their own flowers and arrange their own bouquets for mom.  Tomorrow, the Flower Gallery is holding a special event for more children who want to make their own arrangements for Mother's Day.