Cold Case Murderer Pleads Guilty

Submitted By: Michael Sevren,

After more than 30 years, Fremont county's district attorney is now working to discover the bodies of Gerald Uden's victims. Uden was arrested for killing his wife and two adopted children in September of 1980, was sentenced to life in prison, based on a plea agreement we first told you about last week. Uden pleaded guilty to three counts of first degree murder in a deal to avoid the death penalty. Friday, Uden told the court that he planned on killing his ex wife Virgina and her two children because they had become a wedge between him and his current wife Alice. Uden shot them all in the head with a 22 caliber rifle in rural Fremont county. He says he ultimately disposed of the bodies by putting them in 55-gallon drums, and then dumping them into Fremont lake in Sublette county. The bodies have never been found. Fremont county attorney Michael Bennett knows that finding the bodies of the victims would bring the ultimate closure... but because this is a cold case, he says he understands what a difficult feat that may be. The former lead investigator in the case says he doubts the validity of uden's story.