WHP High Number of Openings

Submitted By: Liz Cooper, Lcooper@k2tv.com

The Wyoming highway patrol says the number of troopers and dispatchers they have lost that we originally reported yesterday are accurate, but they have also added some since 2012. Of the 30 troopers reported to leave the Wyoming Highway Patrol, 18 of them were resignations. As for the number of dispatchers, at 16, currently there are only 5 openings reportedly available. The number of needed troopers is high and they department says it is trying to increase the academy classes and their recruitments. Highway patrol officials admit the large number of vacancies does effect troopers on the road by not having the needed amount of coverage. Out of the 30 troopers that did leave since 2012, 5 of them said compensation was an issue. The last raise Wyoming highway patrol troopers or any state employee received was reportedly in 2009.