Wyoming National Air Guard Homecoming

Cassandra Hager reporting, chager@k2tv.com

It was a very happy homecoming today for members of the Wyoming National Air Guard and their loved ones.

The families were reunited after two months of deployment, with the soldiers spending time in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

"I'm here to see my husband today, he's coming back from a deployment.  He's been gone about two months and it's really exciting because this is our first deployment since we've been married.  We will have been married for 6 months this coming Friday."

The separation was hard for many wives, who were left to care for young children on their own.

"The kids definitely miss him.  I don't know, it has its pros and cons.  You really get to miss the person and realize how much they do for you and how much you depend on them.  In other ways, you find out what you can do by yourself and how hard it is."

Governor Matt Mead was on hand to show his support to the 19 returning men and women to whom he says the people of Wyoming owe a lot of gratitude. 

"They mean our freedom, they mean the security of our country, the pride of our state and the pride of our country.  When I see these troops off it is so good to get them home, and I thank them, and I thank their families and friends that support them, and so when we hear that they're coming back I'm so eager to be one of the first ones to say 'welcome back.'"