Council member Craig Hedquist Responds

Submitted By: Alexandra Lehnert,

At a press conference today, embattled council member Hedquist spoke out, regarding recent accusations. The city's findings are known to the public, Craig Hedquist and his attorney, Mike Lansing, believed that it was time Casper became aware of Hedquist's side. After the city attorney Wes Reeves put out this statement on December 10th stating the different accusations against council member Hedquist, today Hedquist read this statement explaining his side of this ongoing investigation. Hedquist started off by expressing his apologies for the "unfiltered language" that was used on the construction site ... he went on to discuss the conflict of interest the city accused him of. Hedquist said today, that before he was appointed to the city council, both the public and council members were aware of his interest and ownership in hedquist construction. He also mentioned the information he had asked for was never proprietary or secret. As far as further actions in this investigation, Hedquist believes if this does in fact go to a hearing .. it should be open to the public. K2'S Alexandra Lehnert has the full story in tonight's newscast: