Woman Ordered to Pay Back $2.5 mill to Business

Submitted By: Liz Cooper, Lcooper@k2tv.com

A woman who stole money from a local company will spend at least two and a half years in prison. Melissa Fenster, is also ordred to pay back $2.5 million dollars to Rocky Mountain Oilfield Warehouse, whom she stole from over a 21 month period. The owner of the business spoke in court this morning asking the judge to see it in his heart to give her the maximum sentence. According the prosecutor, Fenster charged around $13,000 dollars to the businesses home depot account. Fenster also purchased over 130 thousand dollars from Staples from a company account. The state accused fenster of living a lavish lifestyle while stealing from her previous employer. Fenster apologized in court this morning and said it is not something she would normally do. Fenster's maximum sentence is 10 years for the felonies.