Andrew's Bill One Step Closer

Submitted by Xavier Walton

Week one of this years legislative session is in the books and while many bills fell by the waist side, one bill is holding on for dear life.
K2's Xavier Walton, who's been leading our coverage on Senate File 30 has more.

Andrew's bill was unanimous, in fact, the Senate Judiciary Committee even made recommendations to up the pay.

"I need that boost to get over the hurdle," said Andrew Johnson, Wyoming exoneree.

In our K2 web poll an overwhelming 90 percent say pay the man.

And maybe the committee took notice.  From 75 to 100, the Senate Judiciary Committee has said boost the pay per day, taking the annual pay out from $30,000 to $50,000.  Raising the ceiling from $300,00 to half a million.

"I need the money to live out here in this new economy," said Johnson.

Andrew's representation made light of that with this document presented to the committee. Number one on the list - the maximum amount of compensation should be increased.

the document highlighted similar statutes from other states - including texas who pays wrongfully convicted 80 thousand.

also included - this - as written, the bill may not be enough to put an exoneree back on his or her feet...a higher cap would help to bring wyoming in line with nearby states in terms of protecting the liberty of its citizens.

"Do you feel confident that they will do you a justice? Yes, yes I do they're great people," said Johnson.

We phoned into the governor to get his thoughts, he said he'll wait for the final version before weighing in, which only makes sense, considering he'll have the final say.

The amendment for Senate File 30 was accepted by appropriations and now awaits a vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee.